Friday, October 1, 2010

Lonnnng Dayy

Hello fellow bloggers so todayyy was a long one as you all read i got zerro sleep and then on top of that it was pouring allll day long, so here i am in a t-shirt in jeans and i walk outside the dorm room and its like a monsoon out there so i walked like a mile to class in the monsoon. and that was just the start of my day, and ou would think hell it cant get much worseee , but it doess! i get to pych class and notice oh yeah i had this take home quiz that we had to hand in so i just circled letter and hoped for the bestt in all reality. so thats that then off to economics again in the rain, and we went over the midterm which im almost 75% sure i did horrible on. but thats that i played a little yu gi oh with my friends and then went home. got home played a little more than went straight to work where we had a big artist playing and i work in a retuarant si the place was PACKED, soo im a busboy ... the only busboy so i was working my asss of all night until about 15 min agon and now to think of it i had a math online quiz thing due before midnight and i got home past midnight soo its obv too late to do it ughhhhh another failing gradee. w/e college is college i think i may go see the education coach, although he was corny he might actually be able to help me through this thing were i can not concentrate and study its jjust to hard for mee, but we will see in the meantime guys im gonna look through your blogs then off to bed talk to you all tomo morning :)


  1. I run on two hours of sleep all the time, fucking shit sucks, especially when you have a full day of crap ahead of you.

  2. How old are you? In the US, you are considered a non-traditional student at the age of 25, and after that, college is practically free. The only reason you stay now is for the 'momentum' of learning you've built (do you even have that?) My friend worked for UPS for 4 years, bought a house, and now he's old enough to get education super-subsidized. Ask your counselor about non-traditional students. Look into it bro.

  3. get a healthy amount of sleep >.<

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