Saturday, October 23, 2010

fuck this day

So i leave school a little late today and travel my 30 min drive home to go to work. i get to work and i do my thing i'm a busboy at a restaurant so i make salary and 10% of the waiters overall tips for the night, well the waiter who made the most tonight screwed me out of money he handed me 12 dollars when the other waiter who did half of his sales gave me 12 dollars and the other waiter who was still underneath the top waiter gave me a 20. so i was real pissed off about that so then i come home to my dad screaming about me talking with my financial adviser cause i need to figure out some promissory note or something just BS as usual. so i was going to a college football game in the morning with my friends dad and my friends but my dad made me bale. so now my friends are mad because i bailed even though they can still go they just have to leave a little earlier with my friends dad but regardless this day went to shit i stayed up till 5 bullshitting on the internet i'm writing this blog grabbing a brownie and going to bed fuckkk this

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