Friday, October 1, 2010

First Day

This is my first day as a blogger so dont know me if im bad. im a freshman in college and i love it, im learning a shitload here, but there is really to much work. so much work in fact that i cant concentrate any longer. i just sit on the computer playing on facebook all day. i need a 3.0 avg for business school and its gonna be so hard to get, this guy came into my class today and talked about being an acedemic coach, he was a total clown but he made sense and i actually might go and see him but i dont know if i have the balls. well i guess thats all for tonight well actually its the morning because its like 4 and i definitely should be sleeping because i have class at 8, i really wish righting my papers for english were as easy as writing this on here.


  1. Just let whatever your interest are to take over

  2. dorm life? i go to community college haha

  3. yeah i dont stay on campus but i have a friend that does thgats why i get to stay here on occasion