Saturday, October 23, 2010

fuck this day

So i leave school a little late today and travel my 30 min drive home to go to work. i get to work and i do my thing i'm a busboy at a restaurant so i make salary and 10% of the waiters overall tips for the night, well the waiter who made the most tonight screwed me out of money he handed me 12 dollars when the other waiter who did half of his sales gave me 12 dollars and the other waiter who was still underneath the top waiter gave me a 20. so i was real pissed off about that so then i come home to my dad screaming about me talking with my financial adviser cause i need to figure out some promissory note or something just BS as usual. so i was going to a college football game in the morning with my friends dad and my friends but my dad made me bale. so now my friends are mad because i bailed even though they can still go they just have to leave a little earlier with my friends dad but regardless this day went to shit i stayed up till 5 bullshitting on the internet i'm writing this blog grabbing a brownie and going to bed fuckkk this

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yet againnn

whats goin on guys... another day gone bye and nothing to new thius girl thats been driving me crazy tells me that were gonna hang out and yet... we didnt hang out just one thing after the next. haha so im sitting in my buddys dorm right now and someone just knocked on the dorr and said hi haha well it is thursday and shes most likely drunk like i should be....ughh. life not getttin anyy better latelyy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Im Back

Alright Guys sorry about not posting lately its been a tough run lately. my om has been in and out of the hopsital consistently and the fact that my schoolwork doubled and i have another day of work during the week just doesnt help. Plus on top of all that i started talking to this girl who naturally is consuming every other second of my life that im not busy. Im not complaining just excusing my absense from here. regardless im back and im gonna do my very best to post as much as possible. On a better note i think i may change my major to advertisement and minor in graphic design for next semester tell me what you guys think

Friday, October 8, 2010

Never Failss!

Well as usual life always has new ways to fuck me. Today my mom got rushed to the hospital again. two weeks ago she had surgery for a disease/ condition she had called arnold chiari where its a blockage of spinal fluid and her spine pushes on her brain or something like that. Regardless she got out of surgery and she was doing okay recovery wise, but while i was at school today i got a call saying that she had been rushed to the e.r so i sped home missed a class and wasted a shitload of gass but i got here and of course had to call out of work which makes me practically broke now. but whatever they took ouyt some fluid and there hoping it'll fix itself, and that's not infected and if it is they have to go back in on thursday and fix it ughhh only me i swearr.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rain rain go away

Good afternoon everyone. Well today was pretty normal college day wasnt horrible, wasnt amazing either. Woke up went to class and it was freezinnng. but w/e i went to class got a couple of midterms back i got a 75 on my pysch and a 60 on economics( i reallly hate economics). but regardless i went to my classes and di my thing i ended up spending my last couple bucks i had on ciggarettes so im oretty much broke at the moment but w/e ill make it. well sorry for this boring post but as you see today wasnt very exiting but i will make sure to post something exiting very soon. until then AnoN

Saturday, October 2, 2010


what going on everyone i dont know what everyone likes to do in there spare time but if im bored i def hang  out friedns but weve seem to find this new thing that wee used to do when we were kids which is play yu gi oh we have all gotten pretty good at it and its starting to get pretty good, weve found a bunch of kids that play at college and so weve learned new tricks and we all just keep advancing. but thats only one of the hobbys ive picked up recently what about everyone else?? ill prolly post one more tonight before going to bed but idk

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lonnnng Dayy

Hello fellow bloggers so todayyy was a long one as you all read i got zerro sleep and then on top of that it was pouring allll day long, so here i am in a t-shirt in jeans and i walk outside the dorm room and its like a monsoon out there so i walked like a mile to class in the monsoon. and that was just the start of my day, and ou would think hell it cant get much worseee , but it doess! i get to pych class and notice oh yeah i had this take home quiz that we had to hand in so i just circled letter and hoped for the bestt in all reality. so thats that then off to economics again in the rain, and we went over the midterm which im almost 75% sure i did horrible on. but thats that i played a little yu gi oh with my friends and then went home. got home played a little more than went straight to work where we had a big artist playing and i work in a retuarant si the place was PACKED, soo im a busboy ... the only busboy so i was working my asss of all night until about 15 min agon and now to think of it i had a math online quiz thing due before midnight and i got home past midnight soo its obv too late to do it ughhhhh another failing gradee. w/e college is college i think i may go see the education coach, although he was corny he might actually be able to help me through this thing were i can not concentrate and study its jjust to hard for mee, but we will see in the meantime guys im gonna look through your blogs then off to bed talk to you all tomo morning :)

Almost class Time

yea well its almost class time haha i had so much homework thats due soon and i havent done any of it i should prolly get going on it well ill def be back on here to blog some more maybe share some more cool stories aboutt this crazy college shit .


wow. sorry for such a quick post but ive been scoping other peoples blogs and mine sucksss! lol well i guess ill tell a lottle about myslef i did karate since i was very little i did these weapons called the kamas there these like wood sticks with blades on top and bottom and i wass super good with them but w/e i did that for a really long time then i got my black belt and i gotta really backed up with work and a car and all this other nonsense so i gave up on karate i still miss it alot but w/e. but now im going to college and im loving it, besides the fact that i have to drive 20 min to school every day other thabn that its good well hopefullyt this will be the last post tonight and ill go actuakky to bed but who knowsssss

First Day

This is my first day as a blogger so dont know me if im bad. im a freshman in college and i love it, im learning a shitload here, but there is really to much work. so much work in fact that i cant concentrate any longer. i just sit on the computer playing on facebook all day. i need a 3.0 avg for business school and its gonna be so hard to get, this guy came into my class today and talked about being an acedemic coach, he was a total clown but he made sense and i actually might go and see him but i dont know if i have the balls. well i guess thats all for tonight well actually its the morning because its like 4 and i definitely should be sleeping because i have class at 8, i really wish righting my papers for english were as easy as writing this on here.